Mina Heuslein - Porcelain pottery
7548 monsterra & lilies7541 monsterra & plumeria7329 azalea7231 lilies7446 day lilies7446 day lilies7449  azalea7447  desert rose7445  day lilies7444 plumeria7350 hibiscus7539 iris7529 poinsettia7528 day lilies7353 plumeria7538 azalea7527 hibiscus7537 day lilies7359 orchids7454 magnolia7455 magnolia7544 angel trumpets7536 hibiscu7535 hibiscus7534 hibiscus7531 lily7087 azalea7532 lily7441  angel trumpet7519 azalea7512 iris7522 desert rose7113 desert rose7167 angel trumpet7513 azalea7360 magnolia7521 lily7232 trumpet flower7518 day lilies7517 day lilies7514 azalea7516 azalea7509 plumeria7508 sky vine flowers7198 hibiscus7511 azalea7233 day lily7209 azalea7246 azalea7207 amaryllis7510 day lilies7202 azalea7228 leaf & 0rchid7381 monstera & rhododendron7382 monstera & sky vine flowers7507 banana & lilies7506 banana & plumeria7505 monstera & orchids7418 hibiscus6897 angel trumpets7456  day lilies7336 angel trumpets7533 angel trumpets7540 flowers7172 azalea7547 angel trumpet7545 azalea7443 azalea7546 lilies7542 lilies6868 hibiscus7171 azalea6901 azalea7215 hibiscus6903 irises7213 orchid7436 azalea7214 orchid7020 tile set7155 tile set7216 tile set7221 tile set7220 tile set7210  tile set7128 tile set6716 leaf and flowers7438 plumeria7440 orchid7424 plumeria7428 agapanthus7457 azalea7423 azalea7420 azalea7425 desert rose7426 hibiscus7429 day lilies7435 iris5927 fern7434 iris
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hand made porcelain "botanicals" combined with a variety of woods and plant fibres....
due to the fragile nature of these .... most of them can not be shipped.