Mina Heuslein - Porcelain pottery
7377 orchid7378 orchid7376 orchid7375 orchid7374 orchid7372 double orchid7373 double orchid7371 dbl orchid7368 triple orchid7367 triple orchid7478 leaf & flowers7477 leaf & flowers7476 leaf & flowers7475 leaf & flowers7278 ming - covered jar6928 ming fern7461 ming fern7460 ming fern7467 ming fern7466 ming fern7465 ming fern7463 ming7180 ming fern7462 ming fern7464 ming fern7472 swamp fern7471 swamp fern7399 swamp fern7469 swamp fern7473 swamp fern6822 fern7468 sword fern6708 fern6980 fern7065 fern7066 fern6824 fern5785 sea grape7474 sea grape5786 sea grape7235 v-cut azalea7234 v- cut azalea6881 v cut6375 wall pocket
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wheel thrown porcelain with hand painted botanical impressions